Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ten 80's Comedy Films You May Not Have Seen

Here's a quick list of 80's comedy films that I consider to be hidden gems. I've enjoyed each & every one with multiple viewings and I'm often surprised that a lot people haven't seemed to have heard of them when I bring them up in conversation despite some of them starring some rather famous faces.

Doctor Detroit (1983)

He's making the world safe for insanity

Starring Dan Aykroyd

The Lonely Guy (1984)

Meet Larry Hubbard.....Lonely Guy

Starring Steve Martin & Charles Grodin

Critical Condition (1987)

Guess who's playing Doctor?

Starring Richard Pryor

Summer Rental (1985)

Life is a beach

Starring John Candy

Best Defense (1984)

Unfortunately they're both on our side

Starring Dudley Moore & Eddie Murphy

Disorderlies (1987)

Lapping up luxury and rapping up a storm

Starring The Fat Boys

Ruthless People (1986)

Sam Stone's wife has just been kidnapped......And he doesn't want her back

Starring Danny DeVito, Bette Middler, Helen Slater & Judge Reinhold

(If this trailer doesn't work for you then CLICK HERE)

Once Bitten (1985)

Mark Kendall just found out that his one-night stand has been around for centuries

Starring Jim Carrey & Lauren Hutton

Night Shift (1982)

It makes the day seem dead

Starring Michael Keaton & Shelley Long

The Wrong Guys (1988)

When they were passing out brains, these guys were off in the woods.

Starring Louie Anderson, John Goodman & Ernie Hudson

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