Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

I've been a fan of 80's Teen Movies since as long as I can remember, It's one of my favourite genres and also one of the best genre/decade match ups ever to exist in the world of film (Along with 70's horror & 90's thrillers). There's something about them that keeps pulling me in, tales full of first loves, teen angst & coming of age mixed with elements of comedy, drama, adventure & even sci-fi but all with that 80's charm. There's nothing I like better than sitting down with a bowl of popcorn in front of an 80's Teen Movie with a feel good ending.

Hopefully as I ramble on about 80's Teen Movies of all kinds including the more popular and well known ones to the heavily underrated and also the hidden gems that have been completely forgotten about (Hiding on VHS in the deepest depths of your attic) you'll enjoy watching the trailers I include for them.

First of all I'm going to start with the one name that is synonymous with 80's Teen flicks and can probably be considered the master of this genre. Whether he directed, produced or wrote them, you can guarantee that they'll be the crème de la crème with his name attached and that name is.......JOHN HUGHES.

The first 2 John Hughes films I'm going to list are also 2 of my very favourites which he directed :-

1) The Breakfast Club

2) Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Other 80's Teen Movies that John Hughes also directed include:-

3) Sixteen Candles

4) Weird Science

The next couple of films John Hughes is credited as writing. He didn't direct them himself, that honour fell to Howard Deutch who did a great job as both are fantastic.

5) Some Kind of Wonderful

6) Pretty In Pink

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